U is for Understanding

Understanding is what is holding a lot of Autistic people back, even though as many as 700,000 people in the UK are known to be diagnosed with Autism, that’s 1:100, many people simply know very little about the condition and how is can affect people.

People have some very strange idea’s about what autism is, from stories that they may have heard or through characters that they might have seen on the TV or in films, these characters do not represent the majority of cases of autism.

People seem to be willing to accept a autistic child as being a bit different but then struggle with an adult who has the condition, Autism is a life long condition, it is not an illness, it is not something that someone will grow out of, it’s something that people learn to live with and that as a community we need to learn to accept and understand better.

There are a number of charities out there that are working really hard to get autism understood, to help people with this hidden disability recognised as having a disability, remember not all disabilities are physical and sometimes a mental disability can be more debilitating than a physical one.

I support the National Autistic Society and they have been campaigning this year to get Autism into the mainstream to help people to understand. There current campaign is about Autism in the workplace. Please help me to help them by spreading the word.

Autistic adults can be very well educated, and capable, but then cannot get a job, nobody will give them a chance, they deserves the same chance and the same opportunities as everyone else, nobody is asking for more than everyone else, they are asking for equality and understanding.

Useful information for employers looking to employ an autistic person can be found here



2 thoughts on “U is for Understanding

  1. Yes it can be incredibly hard for people with autism, whatever level it might be, to find employment, and the urban myths about the condition are sometimes jaw-dropping.


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