Weekend Again

Here we are again, another Friday night, weeks seem to be flying by at the minute, and we are definitely on that march towards Christmas, I know, I know, don’t say the C word, its to soon and all that…..


Not too much to look forward to this week though, K has been off school today, he has a really bad cough and won’t be going swimming tomorrow, I don’t think that any of us will be getting much in the way of sleep as he has only been up there half an hour and I have already had to go in and settle him.

So far this weekend we have cancelled swimming, we won’t be going to the library but we will most probably be seeing the inlaws (Happy Birthday Bob, if you are reading this), and staying home as much as possible in a bid to get K better in time for school on Monday.

If K is feeling up to it I might let him help me do some baking, no chance of him coming anywhere near it if he is coughing and spluttering like he has been today though, no one else wants it (I already have it).




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