V is for Vocabulary

and the understanding of words and language.

People with autism often understand much more than they are able to communicate, my son doesn’t speak, when he does he uses single words or repeats set phrases, his favourite phrase is ‘mums turn’.

This is quite common, the words are there, they understand them and in a lot of cases they are able to say them, they just struggle to put these words together into a sentence and to say them out loud.

Its not unusual for the 1st sign of autism to be around vocabulary and the use of speech. Signs can be: (taken from NHS Online)

  • delayed speech development (for example, speaking less than 50 different words by the age of two), or not speaking at all
  • frequent repetition of set words and phrases
  • speech that sounds very monotonous or flat
  • preferring to communicate using single words, despite being able to speak in sentences

My son certainly didn’t have 50 different words at the age of 2, I don’t think that he has 50 words now that he uses, but I know for a fact that he can understand a lot more than that, he follows instructions, he can read his school books, they are very basic for his age but he can read them.



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