Parents Night 2016-11-17

So tonight was parents night, that night where you have to go in to school and they generally tell you that he isn’t quite where he should be, or that he would be doing so much better if he could just tell us what he knows.

And yes there was a bit of that, he is assessed as being at the high end of the lowest measurement that they have for kids his age in Maths, he would be assessed as being higher if he could explain what it is that he knows.

However, The teacher said that because they have changed the way that Maths is taught to a much more visual way of teaching he has really improved and that she can really see the benefits to him of being taught that way.

She also said that his reading and his writing has improved and that they have some assessments for him which have included finding the answers to multiple choices and he has been able to do this easily. They have been using word grids to help him construct sentences and he is now able to do this with much more independence.

Generally they are pleased with how well he is doing and she said that he is even starting to join in a bit when they practice the school play, this I find hard to believe but since he has been dancing the Charleston apparently as well, well, who knows.



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