Teeny Tiny Breakthrough…

and when I say tiny, I mean tiny, but it is a breakthrough all the same, K will only drink out of beakers with lids, sports bottles, drinks bottles etc etc.

If you offer him a drink in a cup he refuses to drink it, and can get quite upset about it.

This weekend he asked for a hot chocolate and I told him he had to have it in a mug so that Mummy could mix it properly for him. Instead of getting upset, he went to his cupboard and got out his Spiderman mug.

This surprised me and I didn’t think that he would drink out of it…. but he did.

Then later on…. after he had eaten some of his tea, he asked for another one, in the same mug! He got the mug out of the cupboard and gave it to me whilst pointing to the hot chocolate on the side.


He was a bit clumsy with it. He refuses to drink out of cups so he is inexperienced, he ended up with an amazing chocolate mustache and even a slight chocolate goatie beard where it was dribbling down his chin.

He looked so damn cute.



One thought on “Teeny Tiny Breakthrough…

  1. Hi. That’s amazing progress. My 4 year old is the same, so picky its got to a point where she will only eat chips and literally nothing else. Of course she likes the sweet stuff but even that she is selective with. She was diagnosed about 12 months ago and is doing great in school she is lucky she has a massive personality and is well liked by her fellow school mates. She’s a brave girl but so fussy it drives me crazy. Lol xx

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