X is for… X-Rays

Well not just X-Rays, tests in general, all of them, the amount of tests and assessments that you have to go through to get a diagnosis, and to get your child the support that they need is unbelievable. Unless you have been through it I don’t think you will ever really understand just how tiring and stressful it is to go through.

My son is now 6 and we have got to the stage now where a lot of the appointments are now yearly or he has been signed off all together.

I chose X-Ray because my son had to have X-rays to check his chest as he has a low immune system and is always coughing, they were concerned it might be something else, luckily it wasn’t but other tests and assessments that he has had include

  • Ultrasound on his heart – his chromosome deletion means that he could have heart problems
  • Blood tests to check his genes, his immune system, his blood count
  • Assessments by SALT
  • Ed Psyche assessments
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • Peadiatrician Assessments
  • Dietitian Assessments

Trying to co-ordinate all of these assessments and appointments and work as well has been very challenging, I changed jobs so that I can work more flexibly to allow me to be able to attend these things with him.




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