This Weeks Library Book… Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort


I have to confess this this weeks library book isn’t actually a library book at all. K was to poorly to go to the library this weekend so we chose one of the books that he has in his book box to write about instead.

We have a number of these ‘underpants’ books and K really likes all of them, he loves the stories and finds the pictures with everyone and everything in underpants, usually over the top of their clothes very amusing.


In this one, Pirates are looking for treasure (after all that is what pirates do) but it’s no ordinary treasure this is the ‘Pants of Gold’

The book rhymes, there is a short verse on each page, along with a fab picture, my son really enjoys looking at each picture in a lot of detail. He especially likes looking at them and seeing if he can spot characters from the other underpants books in the pictures.


The above picture includes a gold alien in with the pirates treasure, we can’t look at this page without him getting very excited and pointing this out to us.

This book takes about 10 minutes to read, longer if you take the time to look at all of the pictures in the level of detail that my son does. We have to read it like a pirate in an accent which can only be described as terrible, but this is of course optional.



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