Tears in the Playground

Last week I didn’t take K to school, my other half was off work so he did the school runs all week.

Due to work, I don’t take him that often anyway, I only take him to school on a Tuesday and Wednesday and I pick him up from after school club on a Wednesday.

This means that it had been over a week between me taking him last and me taking him on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I was taking him to school, when it came to the time to leave the house he was upset and he cried all the way to school, he cried in the playground when we were waiting to go in and he cried as I handed him over to his 1:1.

I figured that this was just because he had got used to going with Dad, I had turned off the program he was watching on TV and he had just got out of the routine.

I thought that he would be fine the next day, especially since his 1:1 reported that as soon as he was inside school and had taken his coat off the tears had stopped, he was then OK for the rest of the day.


So Wednesday comes and again I am taking him to school, this time he doesn’t cry when we are getting ready to leave the house, he doesn’t cry in the playground, but the second the bell goes off and it is time to line up.

The tears start. He is burying his face into me and I have to hand him to his 1:1 again. I had a very brief chat with his 1:1 who assured me that she would call is he didn’t settle, she didn’t call so I guess that means that he settled.

Usually he goes into school happily, he plays tag in the play ground with some of the other children and he lines up when the bell goes without any problems, it always surprises me just how something as small as who takes him can make such a huge difference to him.





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