I love this…


Every year my sons school do this, they have a non uniform day on the 1st of December and the whole school help to decorate the Christmas tree in the school hall.

As you can imagine the tree ends up looking interesting, with lots at the bottom where the kids can reach but not so much at the top, but the head never changes it, they leave it how the kids have decorated it, and the kids are always very proud of it.

Although  on the letter it is just a generic non uniform day, all of the kids go in the Christmas jumpers and Santa hats and have a really fun day.

This is the one time that my son who normally struggles with non uniform happily joins in. Even he gets excited about it and he doesn’t get excited about much.

He has a new Christmas top in his wardrobe ready (Lego themed this year) and I have a donation for the school fair ready for him to take to on the day.

So roll on the 1st of December, we are ready!




3 thoughts on “I love this…

  1. What a great idea with the tree. We let our son decorate ours at home and the first few years were interesting to say the least but he’s actually got pretty good at it now. I’m going to have to let the two year old help this year though so we could be back to ‘interesting’ x


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