Just finished reading… The Hope that Kills by ED James


This book is not the style of book that I normally read it is a murder mystery/police story where the main character DI Fenchurch is investigating the murder of 2 girls and the suspicious death of the main suspect, it is set in London.

The case ends up being much more complex than it first appears with more than one police force being involved and the relationship between the forces not always been on the best of terms.

There are lots of twists to the story with bent coppers, strip clubs and human trafficking all playing their own part in the story.  If you like stories with action then there is lots of that to keep you interested. I felt that it had enough detail about the characters for me to be able to relate to them, without it becoming a story about them, rather than the case that they are working on.

Once I got roughly half way through the book the story really started to pick up the pace with more detail about DI Fenchurch’s past coming out. This made the details of the case more personal to him and his family, and adding to the complexity of the story.

I sometimes find that this kind of story can be quite predictable but this had enough red herrings in it to keep me guessing right up to the end.  Some of the details at the end I would never have been able to guess, I’m not really sure where the idea for this came from but some one somewhere, possibly has issues!

I found this to be quite an easy read, with lots going on throughout.  I found it really easy to visualise the story as I was reading it,  I always think that this is a sign of a well written book. Once I got into the story, which didn’t take long, it was hard to put it down, it started to feel like it was calling me to come back to it and finish it.

Its not often that I read a book and I am gutted that it has finished but I was really enjoying this and I was a little sad when I finished it.

There are another 2 books in the series but I won’t be reading the next one of these next, I like to vary what I read so the next one I am planning on reading is Wizard and Glass by Stephen King.




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