K’s Great week at School

K has had such a good week at school, On Monday he was learning the Charleston (Of all things) and he really liked doing ‘wobbly knees’

On Tuesday he got up in front of the class and demonstrated one of his own idea’s on the white board for the other children. Something that previously he would never have done, this shows a real improvement in his confidence and it made me very proud of him when I read that in his home/school book.

On Wednesday they had birds of prey in school and he really enjoyed watching that. The head teacher even stood in the middle of all the children and had a large bird fly to her and land on her arm. I have been told that K found this very funny as she was pretending to be scared.

Then on Thursday he got to go in to school in his Christmas non uniform. He got to help to  decorate the tree in the school hall with a decoration that he had made himself. The head teacher helped all of the children hang their decoration on to the tree.

They then got to watch the official school Christmas lights switch on before the whole class wrote a letter to Santa and  then walked down to the post box and post their letters. When I asked K about this he seemed very excited about it, I am not sure what he asked for but I bet it has something to do with minecraft or Spiderman.

The school have sent us some lovely pictures in his home/school diary, he really looks like he is enjoying himself in all of them. They say that he is also enjoying practicing the play, I guess that I will see just how true this is on the day.

Unfortunately I can’t share these pictures as they have pictures of the other children in them and I wouldn’t want to risk sharing pictures of other peoples kiddies without their permission.



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