Today we went to see Santa

Today we went to see Santa, I have not seen K overwhelmed by anything in such a long time I had almost forgotten just how overwhelmed he can get with things.

He was fine in the grotto, they had a lovely waiting area with a number of tables for colouring and elves who were chatting to the children and giving out sweets.

When they said his name and called him through he was really looking forward to it and got up and walking through the door with me, his Dad and his sister. That is when he got overwhelmed by it all. He was totally starstruck.

He couldn’t look at him, he couldn’t speak at all, he just totally froze, I sat with Santa and briefly explained that he is autistic and that he is actually doing really well, we were almost expecting him to refuse to walk in to the room at all once he saw that Santa was in there.

He buried his head into me, Santa was really good with him, really patient and gave his his present and told him what a good boy he was and that he was very proud of him for coming to see him.



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