Day one of Nativity

So K had to do his first Nativity play of the year today.

His class had to perform it today for the reception class parents, the KS1 classes (Reception, Yr1, and Yr2) do one big nativity together. They perform is to a different set of parents each time.

He seemed ok when I picked him up from school, and I had a lovely note in his home/school book saying that he had done really well, and that his 1:1 had been in the room but he had managed to do it without any additional support.

This all seems really positive.


An hour after I put him to bed he woke up, he never does this and he was very clingy and upset, unable to tell my why. Dad came in to help calm him and we read him another bedtime story and tucked him in again for the night.

Hopefully this wasn’t due to the play but it is so out of character that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. I will be putting a note in the home/school book to see if anything can be done to give him more support tomorrow.




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