So proud of him today

I am so proud of my K today, he had to do his school nativity play, I took the day off work and went to see him, I am pleased to say that he did really well.

He had a look on his face that was completely expressionless for most of it, which did make me worry that he was getting a bit overwhelmed, and that he was going to be upset at the end. He kept looking over to where I was stood and I gave him the thumbs up to show him that he was doing well when he did.

No smiles though, even though I smiled at him, I do find it hard when he doesn’t smile, but he has never had a ‘social smile’ never smiled back or reacted to someone smiling at him. So I wasn’t surprised and told myself that no smile doesn’t mean he is upset.

And then his did something that he has never done before, he did the actions to twinkle twinkle little star, I have never been able to get him to do actions to any form of music, this really is huge for him. It is something that I honestly never thought that he would do.

His school is really relaxed and after he had finished I could go to him and give him a big cuddle and tell him how proud I am of him, he had a huge smile on his face and when I asked him if he had like doing it he said, yes!

YES! he said YES! he said that he had enjoyed doing it, something that I never thought that I would hear him say. He let me take lots of pictures of him, the school grouped them all together and let us take pictures of them all together.

All the credit has to go to his 1:1 who was sat right there with him, giving him the thumbs up and helping him all the way through it, she had even bought him a little gift for doing it which was in his school bag when he came home tonight.

I really am so proud of him, he has done so well.

K you are AMAZING!!



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