Weekend Plans

This weekend I think I have plans, but I can’t really remember what I have said that I will do?

I know I need to find a birthday pressie for my Mum at some point, and I know that K’s Nana and Grandad Bob are popping on Sunday, I think that I said that I would meet a friend on Saturday afternoon but I have no idea what time.

I also think that my Mum is coming round on Saturday at some point, hopefully not at the time that I am supposed to be out.

We have the usual stuff to do on top of that, shopping, swimming lessons, library, just the usual stuff. I would like to do some baking but we don’t always have the time for it, I really want to make some shortbread, I have all the ingredients in, just need the time to throw it together.

This time of year is so busy that I lose track of what I am supposed to be doing.



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