Really quick update

I haven’t been posting as much over the last couple of weeks just because I have been to busy with arranging things for Christmas.

K has been struggling a bit with the build up, he is slowly starting to get excited about it which is a first for him, he never gets excited so it is really nice to see, and a little tricky to handle.

He isn’t really sleeping as well as he usually does, he wakes up in the night making strange noises and has been waking really early, we have tried putting him to bed later but he is still waking the same, and then getting less sleep as he has gone to bed later, and this results in him being grumpy during the day.

When I have asked him about why he is waking he can’t tell me, he answered with a slight nod when I asked if he is having strange dreams, but is unable to explain what is happening, I hope that this settles once school has finished for Christmas (Friday) and its all done and out of the way.

At the weekend he was very hyper and his Grandad got the brunt of it when he came to visit, it was possibly the first time that he had really played rough and tumble with him, he was a little out of control but he did seem to have fun.

School are obviously still very much out of their usual routine and I don’t think that this is really helping as he is all over the place, his 1:1 is still there though and trying to help him through as much as possible.



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