Some days are just hard work!

Some days are just hard work, today has been one of those days, thank goodness that my work will let me leave early if I need to.

K woke in the night a couple of times, he was really unsettled, and then he woke at 5.30am and after that he wouldn’t settle, by the time we got him dressed and downstairs he was already crying.

He cried and cried and I couldn’t work out what was wrong with him, it was then that it dawned on me that it was supposed to be the school Christmas Party today, and K really hates parties.

I asked him if this was what worrying him and he said yes and then continued to cry.

I tried to settle him, he refused to calm down, wouldn’t eat or drink and I couldn’t put him down, I tried to explain that his 1:1 would be there and he would be ok.

Nothing was calming him down.

At that point I decided that it just wasn’t worth it, all that they would be doing today at school would be getting ready for the party and having the party. He clearly wasn’t prepared to do it and was finding the idea very distressing.

And lets face it, if he is this upset about it, he isn’t going to like it or enjoy it, so what would he be getting out of it?

I called my Mum and she agreed he could go there instead, he was still upset as he wanted to stay with me, but I just can’t justify taking a day off work to look after him when he isn’t poorly.

I managed to put him down and go to work, I called from work to check on him and he had settled with him iPad.

I left work at 3 today instead of 4.30 and picked him up from Mum’s house, he had eaten some lunch and had been fine all day. He was still slightly clingy, but he can sometimes be like this if he has been out all day.

I know some people would argue that I shouldn’t give in to him, but honestly I don’t care, I had to make a decision based on how he was and what I thought was best for him, he is now at home and relaxed after having a lovely day with his Grandparents.




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