Gullivers Christmas Extravaganza with NAS

On Sunday we went on a trip with NAS to Gullivers World in Warrington and we had tickets for their Christmas Extravaganza.

The tickets included a Show, A train ride to see Santa and a Carvery Lunch in one of their eateries.

We arrived at about 10.30 after a early pick up in town at 07.30am. Our show time was 11am, the show reminded me very much of the type of thing that you would see at a holiday camp, it was quite short roughly 30mins long and had some lovely parts which K enjoyed very much, we had my eldest with us as well and even though it really wasn’t for her she still enjoyed the show, which was a lovely little tale about Santa’s magic sack getting stolen and some elves finidng it again.

The only negatives I have to say about the show is that from the back the lights did block some of the view and the microphone one of the entertainers was wearing wasn’t very good and he wasn’t very easy to understand.


Lunch was a carvery, no Veggie option which surprised me as I thought that most places had a vegetarian option these days, the food was OK, the portions where tiny, even though it was a carvery, there was no choosing your own veggies, just one tiny sausage, one tiny stuffing ball, and frozen yorkies which had been reheated until they were just about warm. The pudding was dry chocolate cake/ dry Christmas pud or a plastic cup with ice cream in. On the plus side it was warm in there, and the cup of tea was needed after such a cold morning.


After lunch it was our time to go on the train and see Santa, K really enjoyed the train ride he loved looking at all of the lights and the random dinosaurs which I assume are from some sort of trail that is there in the summer.

We arrived at the Grotto, and it was pretty impressive, lots of lights, animated elves/ animals and trees, and a guy in an elf costume, dancing and singing and getting everyone who was waiting to sing along.

This was easily the highlight of the day. K really loved the lights and looking at all of the animals, he loved his time in there, and so did we as it was warm.

The line moves really quickly, there are a few Santa’s in the grotto in different rooms, the set up works really really well, we didn’t seem to be waiting to long and the Santa we saw was really good, he was patient, he spoke to both of the kids, even though one is far to old to be seeing Santa. Santa doesn’t give a gift but instead the children get to go into a room full of shelves stacked with different toys and choose their own gift, I think that this is a fantastic idea as it means that the kids get something that they want rather than something that they are given.


We then went for a walk around the park, it was freezing and we were really feeling it, but nowhere had any heating, all of the indoor area’s where just as cold as the outdoor area’s this was exhausting, by the end of the day we were all very fed up of being cold.

So what do we think of Gullivers? we loved Santa and the Grotto, K loved the show and the train ride, the food could be much better, and just a little bit of heating somewhere on the park would make the whole thing a lot more enjoyable, even the staff looked like they were freezing.




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