Christmas can be hard work

Christmas can be hard work when you have a child with Autism in the house, the change in routine, the pressure to be happy, Santa, Decorations making the house look different and all the additional Christmas activities that are going on both in and out of school lead to a very anxious and stressful time for some.

K was doing really well, he likes the decorations and helped put up the tree, he loves the lights, he loves all kinds of lights so he loves having the Christmas lights up

He loves opening his advent calendar every morning and eating the chocolate, but I am not sure if this countdown has actually added to his worry as the closer we get to Santa coming, the more stressed he is becoming.


But the more Christmas activities he was doing at school the more stressed he seemed to be getting, the non uniform days upset him, he likes a routine and he wears a uniform to school, so a non uniform day Christmas left him confused, even though in the morning he was excited to wear his new Christmas top, after school he was unsettled and difficult.

He refused to go in at all on the day of the Christmas party, he got so upset and ended up having to go to his Grandad for the day while we were at work. Generally he hates parties anyway but I have a feeling that Santa might be invited to the school party and he is getting more and more worried and scared of Santa as the month goes on.

Then school broke up for Christmas on the 16th, and since then he has stopped sleeping, he has constantly been having meltdowns, he has stopped eating and generally he has been really really hard work.

He is stressed, he is anxious, he is worried and he doesn’t know how to deal with all of this, there are so many changes and he can’t handle it.


So next year there are things we might do differently:

  1. Put the tree and decorations up later to give him more normality at home for longer
  2. Not take him to see Santa, this seems to have added to his stress
  3. Try and take time off work before Christmas if school break early again to enable him to stay at home instead of having to go to Grandma and Grandad’s

I am really hoping that after tonight and tomorrow when it is all done with and things can get back to normal, he will also go back to normal, we will be taking our decorations down very early and this is because he needs to get back to normal as quickly as possible.

I know that there are a lot of families out there that are going through similar things right now, so stay strong, we are on the home run, it will be over soon xx


2 thoughts on “Christmas can be hard work

  1. You’re right Lisa, I used to see this a lot when I worked with children with autism. The changes in routine (that’s a biggie) and increased levels of stimulation, it’s a lot to cope with for both the child and parents. You’re doing great x


    • Its been really hard this last week Kerry, we have been getting maybe 4 hours sleep a night, he is waking up constantly, we are all like zombies, he is crying a lot but that’s probably partly because he is tired, I really am looking forward to it being over and done with


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