Christmas Eve Bedtime

Tonight it is Christmas eve and we made the decision not to make a fuss out of it, not to do the whole stocking, mince pie, carrot, not to even mention Santa coming.

K has been so stressed and anxious about it that we decided that rather than add to his anxiety by going through the whole routine that most kids love we would just do a normal bedtime for him.

This was clearly much better for him as he settled really quickly without any problems at all, I am sure that we will be up in the night with him as we have been the last few nights but hopefully by not highlighting the fact that tonight is the night that the big man comes he will be less anxious and sleep better.

I on the other hand really struggled with it, I desperately want him to be excited, to look forward to tomorrow, to want Santa to come, to be happy and ready for the day like other children, I want him to do the routine and for it to be part of our Christmas.

But he can’t do that, its just not good for him.

I am sure that he will still be happy in the morning when he sees his pressies and he is looking forward to Mash for his dinner (his favourite).



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