Christmas Eve/ Early Morning…

Christmas day started at 11.30pm on Christmas eve when we had to bring K downstairs and show him that Santa had been and that he could sleep now without any anxiety.

He had been crying for a while and was getting very stressed so we decided that this might be a better way of dealing with it than letting him get increasingly upset, which would have ended up with him being a tired, grouchy boy all day on Christmas day.

He was very happy when he saw his presents and went back to bed ok, I was worried that he would refuse to go back to bed and we would end up having to open all of the presents. He didn’t sleep great for the rest of the night, but rather than been upset he was excited about what was downstairs.

We did quite well though we didn’t actually get up and come downstairs until 6.40am, He went and got his sister out of bed before coming down and waited patiently for her to be ready to go downstairs.

Opening the presents was good, he managed them all himself for the first time bringing each one to me before putting the rubbish in a bin bag and moving on to the next one.





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