We have decided that we should let K stay up later on a night, he is constantly getting up early and we think that one of the reasons that he is getting up so early is because he is going to bed so early. He is getting older and he needs less sleep than he did.

I have written before about his bedtime routine and how solid it is, how hard it is to change/move anything, so we were expecting a battle.

We did a bit of research (asked google) and found that a child of 6 needs between 10 and 11 hours a night (nhs choices), we generally need him up at 7 for school so decided that moving his bedtime from 7 to 8 might be a good move for him.

It should help him sleep slightly later (hopefully to 7 again) and also give me a bit more time on a night after school to fit in his reading etc, which can be a real challenge some nights.

We had a little chat with him and told him that we were going to let him stay up until 8 from now on, he didn’t look too apprehensive but we knew that it would be when it happened that he would  be concerned.

Night 1, by 7.30 he was sat next to me on the couch looking sad at me, but we made it to 8pm, at 8pm we went through the usual routine.

Morning 1, still up at 4am! 5am! 6am! and then finally 7am when we gave in and got up with him.

Night 2 (last night), he was tired and by 6.30pm he was sat looking very tired on the couch, in his PJ’s, but we stuck to it and at 8pm I took him to bed and we did his normal bedtime routine.

Morning 2, slept to 6.45am, and then went back over until 7.30am

We are hoping that now Christmas is gone and he is more settled that he will generally sleep better, and the slightly later bedtime will also mean that he sleeps later.

We also expect that he will take a couple of weeks to fully adjust with some good nights and some bad ones in there.

So far though, other than looking sleepy at me he hasn’t been to grumpy.





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