This weekend something amazing happened….

This weekend something amazing happened…

Something that has never happened without a fight, without crying and stropping, something that we normally end up giving up on and not doing.

He did some homework!

That’s right, he did some homework!

He had to practice dividing by 2 for a maths test on Wednesday, and I know that he probably needs to do it more than once in the week.

Once, is one more time than he has ever previously done.

On Sunday, after we had attempted to do it without any success, and I could see it spiralling into a refusal which included lots of tears and the possible throwing of homework books.

We got some lego out.

I counted out 24 small square pieces, gave him 6 and asked him how many groups of 2 he could make, and he did it, he made 3 little towers of 2, counted them out loud and then wrote the answer in his homework book.


We did this for all of the questions until he had finished them all.

Not only did he do it, but he did it with a smile on his face, something that I never thought that I would see him do.




Breakfast club

We had to send K to breakfast club at school which is something completely new to him

We expected and got some resistance to the change in his morning routine, on the first day (he had to go for 2 mornings) he was not happy, the change in routine knocked him a bit and we had tears on the way.

I explained to the teacher that he had had breakfast and that he wouldn’t need anything to eat but he might like a cup of milk, she took him off to play and I left him.

Day 2 couldn’t have been any different, he woke up keen to go to breakfast club, got ready super quick, and ran into the building when we got there. Excited to play with the toys.

That night when we told he that he didn’t need to go again he got upset, and we ended up having to promise that he could go on another morning instead to keep him happy.


Sleep Update

Well its good news!

Things appear to be settling down again, all of the things that we have put in place to help him to sleep seem to be having the right effect.

He is still getting up early but for the last 5 nights he has slept through, he has also gone from getting up at 5, to 6 and then this morning it was 07:11am

So fingers crossed that we are on the up and that he is settling back down and back to normal, he loves the later bedtimes and we are seeing a benefit to us aswell, when he gets in from school its much more relaxed and we have more time to get his reading  and bath time done after tea.

Its really nice to have that extra time with him.

Taking his iPad away an hour before bed has been forcing him to think about what else he can do, he has been drawing, playing lego and playing with his Spiderman, all things that when his iPad is allowed he wouldn’t look at.

He has even been asking to play games with us!

This is really good to see, and it has been fun playing games with him.

The night light has really settled him, he likes it blue (it has 3 colour settings), and having it has stopped him waking and been upset because its dark, it also means that if he can’t sleep he has just enough light to look at his books for a little bit, until he can go back to sleep.

He’s also settling down much better on a night and going to sleep since we put it in there.

Its so much nicer putting him to bed happy rather than upset.

He has started to ask for his supper on a night and is enjoying eating his cereal, for a child that never used to like eating at all and we used to have to have a bit of a fight at meal times this is great to see.

A bonus meal for him is a bonus.

So overall things are looking much more positive

I asked him for a happy picture this morning…. This is what we got  (note the coco pops around his mouth – he loves breakfast)



Thank You Thomas Cook Holidays

We have booked a holiday with Thomas Cook, we will be flying out of East Midlands Airport in the Spring.

Travelling anywhere with K can be stressful, he can find the whole thing overwhelming, especially the long queues and all of the hustle and bustle, but he loves holidays so once we get there it is really worth it to see him so happy.

After looking at Thomas Cooks assistance information on the website, and seeing the information that they have, all I could find was a form to fill in for assistance if you have a wheelchair, or have any visual/hearing impairment but nothing for Autism or any other hidden disability.


I sent them a tweet to ask if there was anything that they could do for us to help make it easier.


I got a very quick response ‘please send us your booking number and a contact number so we can look into it for you’

I did this and then next day I had a missed call from them (oops, I never hear my phone), and then 2 emails, the first was a new confirmation which stated on it, clearly that he has autism.

The second was an email explaining that we would have assistance at the airport to help get through security quicker and avoid queues, and priority boarding so that we can get on to the plane before other passengers and get K settled.

This is perfect, queues can be very stressful for him, so being able to avoid any unnecessary long queues will be amazing. Getting on board and having time to settle him before everyone else piles on will really help to.

We don’t go until the Spring so I will feed back after then to let you know how it all went.


I am really proud of my K, he has been nominated for the merit at school this week as he has been working so hard.

His 1:1 came out on Friday night with him beaming, saying that he had a letter in his bag that he would want to show us and that he really deserved it as his reading and his independent work has come on leaps and bounds in the last few weeks.

The assembly is on Friday and we have been invited, my husband won’t be able to get the time off work but I will have a chat with mine and hopefully I can take an hour to pop to school and see him in the assembly.


Last weeks Sleep

I have been poorly this week which has been why I haven’t been writing much, on top of that K is still not sleeping, we have had one night in the last week where he has slept past 6am.

I have started a sleep diary and for the last week I have written down the times that he has woken and for how long we were awake for and according to the this, K has woken up over 10 times in the last 5 nights, which is an average of twice a night, this is just how many times K has woken up, not how many times we had to go in to him to settle him, which is much more than that.

I was hoping that it would show some sort of pattern or some sort of improvement, so far its not showing me much, but there have only been a few nights, I think I need more nights before I will be able to see anything in there.

Once I have a couple of weeks information I am going to take it to the doctors and have a chat about what (if anything) can be done to help us.

I have been offered a gro-clock to borrow to see if it has any effect on K’s waking, as soon as I am well enough, I will be picking it up, if it helps then we will buy one for K’s room.

We have introduced a night light into K’s room, This seems to be helping him as he is less anxious when he does wake up and he is generally settling better after waking. Last night was an exception to this, we have all been awake since 330ish.

Last night I lost count of the times I went in to settle him.

Changes we have made so far are

  • Long bath every night an hour before bed
  • Cereal for supper
  • No iPad/Computer time after 7pm
  • Moved bedtime on an hour
  • Night light



Carly’s Cafe – Non Verbal Autism – please share this

I found this on you tube, it is a perfect example of non-verbal autism and how it can affect people, please take a moment to watch and share