Still up at 4 #SendCaffeine

After an initial improvement in K’s sleep when we moved his bedtime he is now back to waking up at anytime between 2am and 4am, and once he is awake he lays in his his bed making sounds until we go into him, he doesn’t settle again and the only way to stop it seems to be to get him up.

We have tried ignoring him in the hope that he will learn that he isn’t getting a response and then will go back to sleep, but this is not working, he just gets louder and louder until you have no option but to go in to him.

We don’t have conversations with him in the night. We don’t turn lights on, to avoid him waking anymore than he is and we make it clear that it is night time and he should be sleeping, none of this is making any difference.

He goes to bed fine, staying up the extra hour means he is really tired and last week when he had been at school all day he was very tired by 8pm and ready for bed, but he was still waking in the night.


Is it bedtime yet?

I wish I could work out what has changed, what is making him wake, he can’t tell us so its really hard, I remind myself that the crying/ noises are the only way that he has of letting us know he is awake, he can’t tell us, but after this many weeks my patience is starting to wear very very thin.

He points to his tummy which could be anything, kids get tummy ache when they are worried, anxious, stressed, ill, hungry, need the loo…. the reasons go on and on.

I think we are going to try and get him to have some cereal before bed tonight and see if having more to eat will help him, maybe he is hungry? I am also going to look at getting him a small night light to see if he is better if there is some light in his room, he has never needed one before but maybe he is seeing things more as he is getting older.

I am also going to start keeping a note of his sleep and what time he is up and if he hasn’t improved in a couple of weeks I will go to the GP and see if we can arrange a review with his Paediatrician, We are supposed to have annual reviews but we haven’t had an appointment in over a year.



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