Last weeks Sleep

I have been poorly this week which has been why I haven’t been writing much, on top of that K is still not sleeping, we have had one night in the last week where he has slept past 6am.

I have started a sleep diary and for the last week I have written down the times that he has woken and for how long we were awake for and according to the this, K has woken up over 10 times in the last 5 nights, which is an average of twice a night, this is just how many times K has woken up, not how many times we had to go in to him to settle him, which is much more than that.

I was hoping that it would show some sort of pattern or some sort of improvement, so far its not showing me much, but there have only been a few nights, I think I need more nights before I will be able to see anything in there.

Once I have a couple of weeks information I am going to take it to the doctors and have a chat about what (if anything) can be done to help us.

I have been offered a gro-clock to borrow to see if it has any effect on K’s waking, as soon as I am well enough, I will be picking it up, if it helps then we will buy one for K’s room.

We have introduced a night light into K’s room, This seems to be helping him as he is less anxious when he does wake up and he is generally settling better after waking. Last night was an exception to this, we have all been awake since 330ish.

Last night I lost count of the times I went in to settle him.

Changes we have made so far are

  • Long bath every night an hour before bed
  • Cereal for supper
  • No iPad/Computer time after 7pm
  • Moved bedtime on an hour
  • Night light




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