Thank You Thomas Cook Holidays

We have booked a holiday with Thomas Cook, we will be flying out of East Midlands Airport in the Spring.

Travelling anywhere with K can be stressful, he can find the whole thing overwhelming, especially the long queues and all of the hustle and bustle, but he loves holidays so once we get there it is really worth it to see him so happy.

After looking at Thomas Cooks assistance information on the website, and seeing the information that they have, all I could find was a form to fill in for assistance if you have a wheelchair, or have any visual/hearing impairment but nothing for Autism or any other hidden disability.


I sent them a tweet to ask if there was anything that they could do for us to help make it easier.


I got a very quick response ‘please send us your booking number and a contact number so we can look into it for you’

I did this and then next day I had a missed call from them (oops, I never hear my phone), and then 2 emails, the first was a new confirmation which stated on it, clearly that he has autism.

The second was an email explaining that we would have assistance at the airport to help get through security quicker and avoid queues, and priority boarding so that we can get on to the plane before other passengers and get K settled.

This is perfect, queues can be very stressful for him, so being able to avoid any unnecessary long queues will be amazing. Getting on board and having time to settle him before everyone else piles on will really help to.

We don’t go until the Spring so I will feed back after then to let you know how it all went.


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