Sleep Update

Well its good news!

Things appear to be settling down again, all of the things that we have put in place to help him to sleep seem to be having the right effect.

He is still getting up early but for the last 5 nights he has slept through, he has also gone from getting up at 5, to 6 and then this morning it was 07:11am

So fingers crossed that we are on the up and that he is settling back down and back to normal, he loves the later bedtimes and we are seeing a benefit to us aswell, when he gets in from school its much more relaxed and we have more time to get his reading  and bath time done after tea.

Its really nice to have that extra time with him.

Taking his iPad away an hour before bed has been forcing him to think about what else he can do, he has been drawing, playing lego and playing with his Spiderman, all things that when his iPad is allowed he wouldn’t look at.

He has even been asking to play games with us!

This is really good to see, and it has been fun playing games with him.

The night light has really settled him, he likes it blue (it has 3 colour settings), and having it has stopped him waking and been upset because its dark, it also means that if he can’t sleep he has just enough light to look at his books for a little bit, until he can go back to sleep.

He’s also settling down much better on a night and going to sleep since we put it in there.

Its so much nicer putting him to bed happy rather than upset.

He has started to ask for his supper on a night and is enjoying eating his cereal, for a child that never used to like eating at all and we used to have to have a bit of a fight at meal times this is great to see.

A bonus meal for him is a bonus.

So overall things are looking much more positive

I asked him for a happy picture this morning…. This is what we got  (note the coco pops around his mouth – he loves breakfast)




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