Breakfast club

We had to send K to breakfast club at school which is something completely new to him

We expected and got some resistance to the change in his morning routine, on the first day (he had to go for 2 mornings) he was not happy, the change in routine knocked him a bit and we had tears on the way.

I explained to the teacher that he had had breakfast and that he wouldn’t need anything to eat but he might like a cup of milk, she took him off to play and I left him.

Day 2 couldn’t have been any different, he woke up keen to go to breakfast club, got ready super quick, and ran into the building when we got there. Excited to play with the toys.

That night when we told he that he didn’t need to go again he got upset, and we ended up having to promise that he could go on another morning instead to keep him happy.



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