This weekend something amazing happened….

This weekend something amazing happened…

Something that has never happened without a fight, without crying and stropping, something that we normally end up giving up on and not doing.

He did some homework!

That’s right, he did some homework!

He had to practice dividing by 2 for a maths test on Wednesday, and I know that he probably needs to do it more than once in the week.

Once, is one more time than he has ever previously done.

On Sunday, after we had attempted to do it without any success, and I could see it spiralling into a refusal which included lots of tears and the possible throwing of homework books.

We got some lego out.

I counted out 24 small square pieces, gave him 6 and asked him how many groups of 2 he could make, and he did it, he made 3 little towers of 2, counted them out loud and then wrote the answer in his homework book.


We did this for all of the questions until he had finished them all.

Not only did he do it, but he did it with a smile on his face, something that I never thought that I would see him do.




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