Visit to Friends

Today I did something that I have only ever done twice, I took K to a friends house and I left him there for 2 hours.

It was his friends birthday and he was having a birthday lunch and then they were going to play Minecraft for a bit.

K was excited about going and we took a present for his friend, his friends mum asked what he would like to eat, I told her what he likes and not to worry if he didn’t eat as I can feed him when he gets home if necessary.

K was happy for me to leave him, didn’t even look up or say goodbye when I left, this is kind of what I expected him to do, he very rarely says goodbye.

I have to admit I was worried about him, I was worried he would get upset if something wasn’t right, that he wouldn’t be able to tell them what he needs/wants, that something would go wrong, but his friends Mum had my number and she promised to call if anything happened.

But it didn’t he was fine, he had lots of fun and when I picked him up he was playing minecraft on the computer and was very happy. He hadn’t eaten anything so I gave him lunch when he got home, I expected that this would be the case.

I’m pleased that it went well but I can’t imagine that I will ever be as relaxed about him playing at friends as I was about his sister doing it.




The Real Walk in the Park

The truth about the walk in the park

At the weekend I wrote about a walk in the park with my son, it sounded nice right?

Easy, he walked he ran he giggled he came out of himself.

He did do all of those things, but it was not easy.

Before we got there he had already had a couple of meltdowns because he didn’t want to leave the house, in the end I had to bribe him with chocolate and tell him that if he came out he could have something from the gift shop.


Then wouldn’t wear his wellies, it was going to be be muddy… like really muddy! So he needed the wellies on. I let him wear his trainers in the car and then when he saw the mud he allowed me to put his wellies on for him.

On the entrance to the park, there are 2 tunnels which echo as you walk through them. He shouts and whoops all the way through the tunnels at the top of his voice, I let him get on with it,  he likes the sounds of the echo. I guess its more normal for a smaller child to do this than a 6yr old, and he is really loud, so it is not surprising that people were looking at us.

The the walk itself was mainly ok, he was happy for much of it, I gave him his chocolate which helped. We explored a little bit off the track and we got muddy. I had to stop him from going into the pond and from picking up muck and throwing it, but he was ok with this. A little grumpy but nothing major, I distracted him by letting him choose which way to go.

Then he wanted to go to the shop, but he wouldn’t listen to me when I was telling him which way the shop was, he wanted to go in the opposite direction. He stood, screamed and refused to walk anywhere, it took 10 minutes for him to calm down enough to be able to hear me.

It took another 5-10 minutes for him to listen and understand which way we needed to go. In the mean time there were a number of people who seemed to be enjoying the show, strangers can be so frustrating, I have learned to ignore this.

He calmed down, we got to the shop and he got his KitKat and had a look round.

The stairs up and down from the shop are steep and sloped, I had to hold him tight to stop him from falling, he didn’t like this, but we made it to the bottom without a slip or a fall.

Back at the car he took his wellies off and put on his trainers and I took him home.

Now why didn’t I write it like this the first time? I suppose like everyone I just wanted to write about the good bits, I just wanted to concentrate on a nice afternoon out. It was a nice afternoon out, we spent a whole hour out the house, which is amazing, he was happy for much of it.

A few wobbles are normal for us. This is what most days out are like, and why I very rarely take him anywhere on my own.


Just look at all that mud

A walk in the park

I was determined that we would get out of the house today, the forecast was for a nice springish day and therefore we needed to get out.

K was not very impressed with the idea, he wanted to stay home and play on the iPad and when I first asked him he even screamed at me.

So I told him that we were going to have lunch and then go out to the woods nearby for a little walk.

He grumbled, he stomped, he whined but we made it to the woods.

Once we got there though, he was like another child.


He was exploring the area, stomping through muddy puddles, and loving every minute of it, his little character came out and it was lovely to see him smiling and happy.

He was chasing me and playing tag, he was waving at me and trying to get me to chase him. He was being really cheeky and lots of fun, something that we don’t get to see very often.


A really lovely afternoon, with my lovely boy, something that I wish we could do more.

The weekend 

So it is the weekend again,  lots planned as always,  swimming lessons and cinema today. 

Will have to take Kai food shopping later unless I can leave him with my dad,  which I doubt. 

But first of all,  he slept through last night – yay 

And then he did this before getting the ipad out 

Maths Homework 

This is tonights maths homework,  he is working on his two times table. 

Using lego he is able to work it out and he actually likes doing it

No Parents Past this Point..

That’s the sign that they have put up at swimming lessons to stop parents going on the poolside.

No parents past this point.

Obviously there is no way that I am going to pay any attention to this,

  • K is non verbal and I need to be able to communicate with his teacher.
  • K is unpredictable and could quite easily just decide to jump in without warning.
  • K is used to me taking him down and is not going to be happy or comfortable with the idea of me leaving him to walk on his own.

So I walked past it, to be stopped by another parent who tried to insist that its no parents past this point.

  • I could see the sign.
  • I knew, what it said.

I didn’t ask for her intervention, and I am not the sort of parent who wastes time trying to explain why my son is different, I don’t feel that I should have to explain anything to a stranger.

Plus what has it got to do with her anyway? She’s not an employee, she should really keep out of my business. Business that she clearly doesn’t understand, because let’s face it, K doesn’t ‘look’ autistic or different.

I just said ‘I don’t care’ and walked on, she did look a little surprised.

K’s instructor is happy for me to take him down to him, and the staff there understand why it is a safety issue for my autistic son to walk down the side of a swimming pool on his own. Surely that is all that actually  matters.

So I will continue to ignore the signs, and if parents insist on stopping me, I will continue to tell them that I don’t care what the sign says. At the end of the day my son’s safety is much more important than anything else.

And I haven’t got the time or the inclination to explain why to every stranger that I meet.