No Parents Past this Point..

That’s the sign that they have put up at swimming lessons to stop parents going on the poolside.

No parents past this point.

Obviously there is no way that I am going to pay any attention to this,

  • K is non verbal and I need to be able to communicate with his teacher.
  • K is unpredictable and could quite easily just decide to jump in without warning.
  • K is used to me taking him down and is not going to be happy or comfortable with the idea of me leaving him to walk on his own.

So I walked past it, to be stopped by another parent who tried to insist that its no parents past this point.

  • I could see the sign.
  • I knew, what it said.

I didn’t ask for her intervention, and I am not the sort of parent who wastes time trying to explain why my son is different, I don’t feel that I should have to explain anything to a stranger.

Plus what has it got to do with her anyway? She’s not an employee, she should really keep out of my business. Business that she clearly doesn’t understand, because let’s face it, K doesn’t ‘look’ autistic or different.

I just said ‘I don’t care’ and walked on, she did look a little surprised.

K’s instructor is happy for me to take him down to him, and the staff there understand why it is a safety issue for my autistic son to walk down the side of a swimming pool on his own. Surely that is all that actually  matters.

So I will continue to ignore the signs, and if parents insist on stopping me, I will continue to tell them that I don’t care what the sign says. At the end of the day my son’s safety is much more important than anything else.

And I haven’t got the time or the inclination to explain why to every stranger that I meet.




One thought on “No Parents Past this Point..

  1. You’re a strong mum and I applaud you for keeping with your child. I’m not sure their reasoning for no parents being there, no matter how the child is. My son does better with me there because he wants me to see his accomplishments.


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