A walk in the park

I was determined that we would get out of the house today, the forecast was for a nice springish day and therefore we needed to get out.

K was not very impressed with the idea, he wanted to stay home and play on the iPad and when I first asked him he even screamed at me.

So I told him that we were going to have lunch and then go out to the woods nearby for a little walk.

He grumbled, he stomped, he whined but we made it to the woods.

Once we got there though, he was like another child.


He was exploring the area, stomping through muddy puddles, and loving every minute of it, his little character came out and it was lovely to see him smiling and happy.

He was chasing me and playing tag, he was waving at me and trying to get me to chase him. He was being really cheeky and lots of fun, something that we don’t get to see very often.


A really lovely afternoon, with my lovely boy, something that I wish we could do more.


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