The Real Walk in the Park

The truth about the walk in the park

At the weekend I wrote about a walk in the park with my son, it sounded nice right?

Easy, he walked he ran he giggled he came out of himself.

He did do all of those things, but it was not easy.

Before we got there he had already had a couple of meltdowns because he didn’t want to leave the house, in the end I had to bribe him with chocolate and tell him that if he came out he could have something from the gift shop.


Then wouldn’t wear his wellies, it was going to be be muddy… like really muddy! So he needed the wellies on. I let him wear his trainers in the car and then when he saw the mud he allowed me to put his wellies on for him.

On the entrance to the park, there are 2 tunnels which echo as you walk through them. He shouts and whoops all the way through the tunnels at the top of his voice, I let him get on with it,  he likes the sounds of the echo. I guess its more normal for a smaller child to do this than a 6yr old, and he is really loud, so it is not surprising that people were looking at us.

The the walk itself was mainly ok, he was happy for much of it, I gave him his chocolate which helped. We explored a little bit off the track and we got muddy. I had to stop him from going into the pond and from picking up muck and throwing it, but he was ok with this. A little grumpy but nothing major, I distracted him by letting him choose which way to go.

Then he wanted to go to the shop, but he wouldn’t listen to me when I was telling him which way the shop was, he wanted to go in the opposite direction. He stood, screamed and refused to walk anywhere, it took 10 minutes for him to calm down enough to be able to hear me.

It took another 5-10 minutes for him to listen and understand which way we needed to go. In the mean time there were a number of people who seemed to be enjoying the show, strangers can be so frustrating, I have learned to ignore this.

He calmed down, we got to the shop and he got his KitKat and had a look round.

The stairs up and down from the shop are steep and sloped, I had to hold him tight to stop him from falling, he didn’t like this, but we made it to the bottom without a slip or a fall.

Back at the car he took his wellies off and put on his trainers and I took him home.

Now why didn’t I write it like this the first time? I suppose like everyone I just wanted to write about the good bits, I just wanted to concentrate on a nice afternoon out. It was a nice afternoon out, we spent a whole hour out the house, which is amazing, he was happy for much of it.

A few wobbles are normal for us. This is what most days out are like, and why I very rarely take him anywhere on my own.


Just look at all that mud


2 thoughts on “The Real Walk in the Park

    • I know so many that have that hat, it must be very popular!

      I just feel on edge the whole time that I am out with him, waiting for him to kick off about something, it makes it so hard to plan and do anything on my own, my husband works weekends so it really limits how much time we spend out of the house


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