Visit to Friends

Today I did something that I have only ever done twice, I took K to a friends house and I left him there for 2 hours.

It was his friends birthday and he was having a birthday lunch and then they were going to play Minecraft for a bit.

K was excited about going and we took a present for his friend, his friends mum asked what he would like to eat, I told her what he likes and not to worry if he didn’t eat as I can feed him when he gets home if necessary.

K was happy for me to leave him, didn’t even look up or say goodbye when I left, this is kind of what I expected him to do, he very rarely says goodbye.

I have to admit I was worried about him, I was worried he would get upset if something wasn’t right, that he wouldn’t be able to tell them what he needs/wants, that something would go wrong, but his friends Mum had my number and she promised to call if anything happened.

But it didn’t he was fine, he had lots of fun and when I picked him up he was playing minecraft on the computer and was very happy. He hadn’t eaten anything so I gave him lunch when he got home, I expected that this would be the case.

I’m pleased that it went well but I can’t imagine that I will ever be as relaxed about him playing at friends as I was about his sister doing it.




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