We went to the zoo today

We went to the zoo today, and it was so busy, K lasted about 3 hours before he got to his limit.


We took his DLA letter and I took my Carer’s card so luckily we didn’t have to pay full price for what is essentially a couple of hours for us, but for most would be a full day out.

We didn’t see all the animals, we didn’t walk all of the way round, we didn’t go in the cafe’s and skipped through the shop at the end without stopping, but even so we did have a lovely day out.


The sun was shining, the animals we did see where amazing, K really really liked the baboons, he spent ages watching them, he laughed at them as they chased each other around. He loved seeing the meerkats and spent a lot of time watching them play and dig holes.

The tiger enclosure and the whole area around there was so busy he shut down, we had to lead him away quickly to avoid it escalating into a full meltdown. After that he just wanted to leave, we didn’t see anymore animals.

Then on the way out they had set up a sensory area with bells and things to hit and feel and make noise with, he spent a long time in this area, this was a really good addition to the park and for a little autistic boy who was struggling to process just how busy it was it was a welcome relief.

Next time we are going to go on a dull or rainy day when the crowds will be smaller and we will be able to get round without as much stress.


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