K turned 7 today

K turned 7 today and he had some friends over for a very small party.

We asked Lab Rascals to join us to provide some scientific entertainment for him and his friends.

This is the first time that he has had any kind of a party and he was very excited when his friends turned up, we had his disco light on, and he had his new plasma ball out ready for when they came.

Lab Rascals gave all of the children lab coats and safety glasses before starting a variety of hands on experiments with dry ice, including blowing up balloons using it, adding it to hot water to make ‘smoke’ and making bubbles (pic below).


The children also made some bath bombs which K is very excited to try out in the bath tomorrow.

Then I cooked them one of K’s favourite tea’s – Chicken nuggets, waffles and pasta shapes. K doesn’t like party food so it would have been a waste for me to do party food, finally they all had ice cream before getting the Lego out and spending a bit of time with his friends playing Lego and eating sweets before it was time for them to go home.

K really enjoyed himself, we didn’t have any arguing at all and apart from being excitable, they all behaved really well, and were interested in everything that Lab Rascals where explaining to them and what they were doing.


The Deep – Hull


This morning I took K to The Deep, prior to visiting I had tweeting that we were planning to go and wanted to get there early to avoid any crowds, they sent me a DM to say that they open at 09.30am not 10.00am on a bank holiday and that they are usually really quiet for the first half an hour.

We had been up early anyway and were ready so it wasn’t difficult for us to get there for that time.

When we got there I used his DLA letter as proof of disability and this allowed me free entry as his carer, the ticket which you buy is valid for 12 months and can be used again and again, on any day but a bank holiday.

We were the 1st in, in fact we only saw 2 other people all the way round, everyone else was staff, it was a little weird at first I have never seen it so quiet.


I had taken K to The Deep previously and it had always been busy, he had just ran from one thing to the other, not really interested in anything and just been a bit overwhelmed by everything and everyone around him, and just getting himself into a spin.

This time we were alone for the majority of the time, he spent time looking at the various computer screens, interactive displays and of course the fish and the penguins.


He especially loved the dark area and the little jellyfish as they looked like they glowed, and the ice wall which made him giggle when he touched it.

I am so pleased that we went so early, the queue when we left was going out of the door, when we got there there wasn’t anyone in sight, the car park was empty.  Had they not sent me the message then I wouldn’t have known to go that early.

We were there for just over an hour, which isn’t a great amount of time but he had seen everything and the ticket is valid again and again so its not to bad really.

He pressed all the buttons, span all the wheels, looked at all the fish, and tried to hide from the sharks.

On the way out we picked up a new bath toy and some chocolate, so he is a happy boy today.