K turned 7 today

K turned 7 today and he had some friends over for a very small party.

We asked Lab Rascals to join us to provide some scientific entertainment for him and his friends.

This is the first time that he has had any kind of a party and he was very excited when his friends turned up, we had his disco light on, and he had his new plasma ball out ready for when they came.

Lab Rascals gave all of the children lab coats and safety glasses before starting a variety of hands on experiments with dry ice, including blowing up balloons using it, adding it to hot water to make ‘smoke’ and making bubbles (pic below).


The children also made some bath bombs which K is very excited to try out in the bath tomorrow.

Then I cooked them one of K’s favourite tea’s – Chicken nuggets, waffles and pasta shapes. K doesn’t like party food so it would have been a waste for me to do party food, finally they all had ice cream before getting the Lego out and spending a bit of time with his friends playing Lego and eating sweets before it was time for them to go home.

K really enjoyed himself, we didn’t have any arguing at all and apart from being excitable, they all behaved really well, and were interested in everything that Lab Rascals where explaining to them and what they were doing.


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