SLT Appointment

K had his speech therapy appointment on Wednesday, they reviewed his progress.

There are some real positives that came out of the appointment, she said that she thinks that all of the sounds that he needs are there and are starting to develop, and that he is starting to be able to blend sounds.

She also said that she thought that it is just to much effort for him to make the sounds all of the time as he can do it when mirroring an adult but not when he starts to speak himself.

She has put him forward for some more intensive clinic sessions to compliment the work that is already going on at school with him one to one, the aim being that he will start to find making the sounds more natural and less work.

As K doesn’t make conversation and therefore never really practices any sounds he has never developed his speech in a natural way as a ‘normal’ child would.

I am really hoping that these sessions (when we finally get them) help him



What does he want…  

It’s been ages since K used his pecs to ask for something but tonight he brought me this 

I guess he wants some milk?


This is what breakfast is in our house 

Two slices of white bread with butter or sometimes cheese spread cut into squares with no crusts. 

Leaving the crusts on results in him taking just one bite out of each square as he tries to avoid crust. 

You might think I am pandering to him, but honestly,  I just want him to eat and if this is what it takes then so be it.