Wales 2017

We have just got back from Hafan Y Mor which is a Haven site in North Wales, we stayed in a caravan and I cooked K his favourite meals and he got to go swimming and play in the fountains and do all the things that kids his age are supposed to do.

It was a lot of fun but very tiring for everyone, he continues to get up at 06.30am every morning, we took his clock for him from his bedroom and his blue night light

The Blue light to help him sleep (he sleeps better with a blue light, we aren’t really sure why but it works).

The clock so he knew what time to get up, he actually wakes much earlier than 06.30am but he knows that he isn’t to get up until after then.

We took his teddies for bed and I downloaded some stories for him onto my kindle so he could still have the same bedtime.

He had his ipad pre loaded with programmes he likes to watch and minecraft. All the things that make it easier for him to cope with the change.

And cope he did, he was really good he really enjoyed it. The only slight dampener was cashing in the tickets that he won at the arcade, it was busy, he can’t talk and there was that much to choose from he couldn’t easily tell me what he wanted. This resulted in a meltdown that lasted for over an hour.

The rest of the break was great, I have emailed Haven and suggested that they provide some leaflets in the accommodation with the details of the prizes for children to look at to help children like him communicate.

Or just a posted or something away from the counter, the whole experience was just to stressful for him.