Yes Please Mum

How long have I waited to hear that?

So long… So very long

and every time he says it my heart bursts a little bit with happiness, and I have to hold back a tear, it feels like we have come so far from the days when he wouldn’t talk at all.

He is now saying ‘yes please’ when asked if he wants something and ‘thank you’ when he is given it.

We might not be having deep conversations or even getting an answer from him when we ask him what he has been doing at school,  but  he is answering when we ask him if he wants something, and he is been polite to.

Daily speech exercises at school, and work with social group and we are starting to see the results.

Here he is looking happy on his first day in year 3.




Autism Hour is coming!!

Autism Hour is coming!

Don’t forget that Autism Hour is happening on 2 October!

With the support of shopping centre Intu, shops and businesses across the UK will be taking simple steps for 60 minutes that can help lead to an autism-friendly environment. You can be the first to find out about new places taking part by signing up for updates.

You can also use the interactive map to find out about places already taking part near you.