Speech Therapy 03/10/2017

So today we had a clinic appointment for speech therapy, I picked up K from school and took his school support worker with us. As she is the one that does the majority of work with him on his speech her been there meant she had the opportunity to ask questions and to see exactly what she needs to be doing with him.

K has his daily speech therapy built into a really strong routine which he does with without a fuss every day, I have tried to do these games and activities at home with him but he refuses.

The speech therapist let him choose the game to play while doing the activity and away he went, he is so keen to please and determined to win that he did everything he was asked and made some really good sounds. You can really hear the improvement in his speech as he does it.

He is now working on G and C sounds, and on making the sounds at the end of words, which are all things that he really struggles on, he has lots of games to help keep him interested and stop him from getting bored.

Hearing him speak today and hearing some of those sounds coming from him really clearly was really positive, hopefully with these now fortnightly sessions and the amazing support that he is getting daily at school the progress with keep on coming.




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