Last Saturday in Town

Last Saturday we made it into town for a walk about, its very very rare that we would venture into town but my eldest has something to do that I had to take her to so in we went. Eldest safely deposited where she needed to be off we went to explore.

I knew that looking around shops would be unlikely, he doesn’t do shops and busy shops on a Saturday were never going to happen so we went to have a look around and see what we could find. Since Hull is the European City of Culture 2017 a lot of work has been done to make the place look nice.

First stop was Queens garden where they have put up a new sculpture which locally at least has become known as the cheese grater, lots of interesting plaques on the floor to read but not for K, he wasn’t interested but he said he did like it, and had his picture taken with it.


And then we took a walk down through the land of green ginger, for those not local to Hull that’s a street, and past the smallest window in the world, which got a wow! when it was pointed out and into Trinity square where they have put up these huge metal tubes which you can climb in and run around. Lots of fun was had ‘hiding’ in the tubes


The have also put in some of these ‘puddles’ on the floor over where there used to be a graveyard, the water is less than a centimetre deep so he was able to run through them and I assume in summer that they were a great draw for children.


Then it was on to the art gallery where we met back up with the eldest, the Turner prize is currently exhibiting and it is likely to be the only time that it comes to town so we went for a super fast look around. It was very busy and K didn’t really enjoy most of it, but he did let us have a look around and only really got grumpy when we went into the shop and he didn’t want to go in there.


After the art gallery we went to the bakery and bought some lunch and then found somewhere quiet to eat some lunch before popping into the book shop and heading home.

Over all not a bad day out, no shopping done, only one shop visited and nothing purchased, but he did really really well, only small bouts of tears in the art gallery when we were spending to long in a busy room and he wanted to leave, and lots of fun running about in puddles and hiding in tubes.



Speech Therapy 03/10/2017

So today we had a clinic appointment for speech therapy, I picked up K from school and took his school support worker with us. As she is the one that does the majority of work with him on his speech her been there meant she had the opportunity to ask questions and to see exactly what she needs to be doing with him.

K has his daily speech therapy built into a really strong routine which he does with without a fuss every day, I have tried to do these games and activities at home with him but he refuses.

The speech therapist let him choose the game to play while doing the activity and away he went, he is so keen to please and determined to win that he did everything he was asked and made some really good sounds. You can really hear the improvement in his speech as he does it.

He is now working on G and C sounds, and on making the sounds at the end of words, which are all things that he really struggles on, he has lots of games to help keep him interested and stop him from getting bored.

Hearing him speak today and hearing some of those sounds coming from him really clearly was really positive, hopefully with these now fortnightly sessions and the amazing support that he is getting daily at school the progress with keep on coming.



Yes Please Mum

How long have I waited to hear that?

So long… So very long

and every time he says it my heart bursts a little bit with happiness, and I have to hold back a tear, it feels like we have come so far from the days when he wouldn’t talk at all.

He is now saying ‘yes please’ when asked if he wants something and ‘thank you’ when he is given it.

We might not be having deep conversations or even getting an answer from him when we ask him what he has been doing at school,  but  he is answering when we ask him if he wants something, and he is been polite to.

Daily speech exercises at school, and work with social group and we are starting to see the results.

Here he is looking happy on his first day in year 3.



Autism Hour is coming!!

Autism Hour is coming!

Don’t forget that Autism Hour is happening on 2 October!

With the support of shopping centre Intu, shops and businesses across the UK will be taking simple steps for 60 minutes that can help lead to an autism-friendly environment. You can be the first to find out about new places taking part by signing up for updates.

You can also use the interactive map to find out about places already taking part near you.


Wales 2017

We have just got back from Hafan Y Mor which is a Haven site in North Wales, we stayed in a caravan and I cooked K his favourite meals and he got to go swimming and play in the fountains and do all the things that kids his age are supposed to do.

It was a lot of fun but very tiring for everyone, he continues to get up at 06.30am every morning, we took his clock for him from his bedroom and his blue night light

The Blue light to help him sleep (he sleeps better with a blue light, we aren’t really sure why but it works).

The clock so he knew what time to get up, he actually wakes much earlier than 06.30am but he knows that he isn’t to get up until after then.

We took his teddies for bed and I downloaded some stories for him onto my kindle so he could still have the same bedtime.

He had his ipad pre loaded with programmes he likes to watch and minecraft. All the things that make it easier for him to cope with the change.

And cope he did, he was really good he really enjoyed it. The only slight dampener was cashing in the tickets that he won at the arcade, it was busy, he can’t talk and there was that much to choose from he couldn’t easily tell me what he wanted. This resulted in a meltdown that lasted for over an hour.

The rest of the break was great, I have emailed Haven and suggested that they provide some leaflets in the accommodation with the details of the prizes for children to look at to help children like him communicate.

Or just a posted or something away from the counter, the whole experience was just to stressful for him.



SLT Appointment

K had his speech therapy appointment on Wednesday, they reviewed his progress.

There are some real positives that came out of the appointment, she said that she thinks that all of the sounds that he needs are there and are starting to develop, and that he is starting to be able to blend sounds.

She also said that she thought that it is just to much effort for him to make the sounds all of the time as he can do it when mirroring an adult but not when he starts to speak himself.

She has put him forward for some more intensive clinic sessions to compliment the work that is already going on at school with him one to one, the aim being that he will start to find making the sounds more natural and less work.

As K doesn’t make conversation and therefore never really practices any sounds he has never developed his speech in a natural way as a ‘normal’ child would.

I am really hoping that these sessions (when we finally get them) help him