Just finished reading… The Hope that Kills by ED James


This book is not the style of book that I normally read it is a murder mystery/police story where the main character DI Fenchurch is investigating the murder of 2 girls and the suspicious death of the main suspect, it is set in London.

The case ends up being much more complex than it first appears with more than one police force being involved and the relationship between the forces not always been on the best of terms.

There are lots of twists to the story with bent coppers, strip clubs and human trafficking all playing their own part in the story.  If you like stories with action then there is lots of that to keep you interested. I felt that it had enough detail about the characters for me to be able to relate to them, without it becoming a story about them, rather than the case that they are working on.

Once I got roughly half way through the book the story really started to pick up the pace with more detail about DI Fenchurch’s past coming out. This made the details of the case more personal to him and his family, and adding to the complexity of the story.

I sometimes find that this kind of story can be quite predictable but this had enough red herrings in it to keep me guessing right up to the end.  Some of the details at the end I would never have been able to guess, I’m not really sure where the idea for this came from but some one somewhere, possibly has issues!

I found this to be quite an easy read, with lots going on throughout.  I found it really easy to visualise the story as I was reading it,  I always think that this is a sign of a well written book. Once I got into the story, which didn’t take long, it was hard to put it down, it started to feel like it was calling me to come back to it and finish it.

Its not often that I read a book and I am gutted that it has finished but I was really enjoying this and I was a little sad when I finished it.

There are another 2 books in the series but I won’t be reading the next one of these next, I like to vary what I read so the next one I am planning on reading is Wizard and Glass by Stephen King.




Currently Reading… The Hope that Kills by @EdJamesAuthor

I am currently reading the Hope that Kills, which is a DI Fenchurch book by ED James. This is the first ED James book that I have read and I downloaded it onto my kindle as part of  Kindle First.

The story centres around DI Fenchurch and his team who are investigating the murder of 2 girls and the death of the main suspect in the case.

The main character is DI Fenchurch and he has his own back story which is slowly becoming more and more important to the story, as this effects the way that he deals with his colleagues and some of the key witnesses.

The relationships between the different teams and how they work together is also very interesting. Especially how the fact the the first murder took part on the boarder between two conflicting police area’s impacts on how they can work the case, this gives the story more depth than it would possibly have without it.

I am half way through the book and although at first it didn’t grab me as it isn’t the sort of book that I would normally read, it has now got me completely and I am struggling to put it down, there are so many twists and turns in the story that I am really enjoying the way that it is unraveling.

And the good news for me is that it is part of a three book series.

I am really looking forward to getting K to bed tonight so that I can continue reading it.


Just finished reading The Final Trade by Joe Hart

This was one of those books that once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down, it was like it was shouting at me to come back and read it every time I did. This meant that I managed to read the book within one weekend. I even took it with me to the cinema and read some of it while my son watched Trolls, I don’t think I was missing much. 

The story is based in a time where girls are no longer being born and the looks at the effects that this has on society and follows a group of women and men, the main character being Zoey, a young girl who escaped from a secure government unit in the first book and then went back to free some of her friends.

In this book they are tracking down the ‘Fae Trade’ a Fair/Carnival of sorts which sells women to men who are willing to fight to the death for them.

A member of the group gets captured, they free her and all of the other prisoners in what can only be described as a dramatic scene. On the way they meet various people, some good, some bad and some just pure evil.

It finished on a cliff hanger when a mysterious person comes to see the group and tells Zoey that she is the ‘key stone’, what this means and what will happen will be revealed I guess in the next book, which I have pre-ordered and will be writing about once I have read it, in March Next Year.

I loved reading this book, I like the characters and the idea which it is based on and the effects that not having women being born has on society.

This is the second book in the trilogy and I can’t wait for the next one to be released. I bought it from amazon and read it on my kindle.

Currently Reading… The Final Trade by Joe Hart

This is the second in the Dominion Trilogy, the first was called The Last Girl and I really enjoyed it. It is about a girl called Zoey who escapes from a secure centre where she has been kept as she is one of the last girls and how she escapes and saves some of her friends in the process, the ‘baddies’ are great, the story is action packed and heart wrenching at the same time.

I read the first book over a weekend, once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down again until I had finished it.

The final trade continues the story where the 1st left off, I am half way through the book, having read the first half today, like the first one I don’t want to put it own, whenever I do I can feel it calling me back to finish it and read the story.

It really is a very enjoyable read, all if the characters are well written and the scenes are set in a way that means that I can picture every details as if I am there, or as if I am watching it on a screen. There is nothing else when I am reading this book.

So far we have met another group of travellers who turn out not to be so nice, and we are now following them as they track the traders across the desert.

I will write a much more detailed review about this book once I have finished it, but at the moment I can’t wait to find out what happens to them, and I am definitely planning on pre-ordering the next one, which I believe is called The First City.

They are available on Amazon

Just Finished Reading…. The Wastelands by Stephen King

I have just finished reading The Wastelands by Stephen King, this is the 3rd book in the Gunslinger series of books.

The basics of the story are… they walk, they camp, Roland hears voices, Jake is back and also hearing voices, They kill a bear, Jake gets pulled through into the Gunslingers world, they walk some more, they find a town, they walk some more, they find a city, Jake get taken, they get him back, they ride an evil talking train. Lots of people die, oh and Suze might be pregnant (who didn’t see that one coming?)

The End

I found this one harder going than the 1st two books, I found all of the walking and camping boring and had to really push through it to get to the good bits of the book,, it was like reading 3 or 4 chapters of really good story and action between lots and lots of walking and talking and story building/ scene setting, and because of this it is not the best book I have read this year, I much preferred the 1st two books over this one.

I have downloaded the 4th book which is called Wizard and Glass and will be writing about that when I have started it, but first I will be reading The Final Trade, the 2nd Dominion book by Joe Hart


Currently Reading…Wastelands by Stephen King

Th 3rd Gunslinger book, this is a series of books by Stephen King, they are quite old and there is a film of the 1st one (The man in black) due to be released late this year early next year…

Here’s my summary of what the books are about

Book One…

Roland (the main guy) follows the man in black across the desert, kills lots of people in a town, meets a boy called Jake, boy dies, catches man in black, talks to him, they fall asleep, wakes up later on and man in black is no longer there.

I really enjoyed this one, it took me very little time to read it and it leaves a lot of questions unanswered.

Book Two…

This one is called the Drawing of the three, Roland wakes up on a beach, some crab type things eat his toe and a couple of fingers, 3 magic doors appear, 1st one has Eddie behind a drug addict who he pulls through into his world, the 2nd has a black woman in a wheel chair behind who has a bit of a personality disorder and the 3rd one has a guy known as the pusher behind, he is important, and becomes more important in book 3. Oh and Roland gets sick and Eddie gets off drugs.

I also really enjoyed reading this one, I love the character of the woman, I like Eddie and Roland’s interactions, and the evil crab things are fantastic

Book Three…

Well I am only about 30% of the was through and already I can see that it is much longer than the other books, Jake is back  and Roland is going mad, a consequence of some of the things that happen in book two. I am enjoying reading it, but not as much as the first two books, there have been some interesting developments in Roland’s world and the creatures that are on it.