Our Visit to Honeysuckle Farm nr Hornsea

Yesterday I took K to a farm for the afternoon, not the day, we didn’t take a picnic or do anything that might be stressful for him, we went for a couple of hours in the afternoon after we had had our usually lunch at home.

This was more than enough time for him, a couple of hours anywhere, doing anything is usually all he needs before he starts acting up and wanting to go home.

So we got there for just after 2pm, I got him a bucket of feed and we went to find the cows, K has been obsessed by them lately, and keeps mooing at people. He was excited to see the cows and gave them some of his animal feed. He even posed for a picture.

Then we went to see the ‘naughty’ goats, he laughed as they tried to take the feed out of the bucket instead of the little bit he was holding for them. He surprised me as I thought he might be a little intimidated by them due to there size and how pushy they could be to get the food, he seemed totally at ease.

A Horse and cart ride was next, he hid when the lady driving it asked if anyone had any questions and buried himself into me, but I told him it was fine, we could just listen and he relaxed again. He liked being told about the cows and about how the Bull was going to be moving to a new home soon.

Next we went to see the lambs and the sheep, he loved the lambs, he stroked them while he fed them and spent a long time there, hand-feeding them and patting them really gently on the head while he did so.

We went for a walk around the pond and around the maze, before I watched him play in the forts and run through the tunnels, and finally there was time for some ice cream and a cup of milk for K and a coffee for me in the cafe.

Overall it was a really lovely afternoon, K really enjoyed it, we didn’t have one meltdown or sad face all the time we were there, it was pretty quiet, probably because we got there late and missed the people that would have been there for the day, or a picnic.

We were able to walk around without feeling like it was crowded, there were plenty of other children there but he was able to play on his own in his own way. The animals all looked really well cared for and been able to feed them was a real highlight for K.

We will definitely be going back, maybe next time we can take K’s Dad with us, he missed it this time as he was at work.

Here’s a few of my pictures from the day (I took them so I am not in them)




Autism Friendly Cinema Trips


We go to the cinema pretty regularly and this is because of the fantastic relaxed autism friendly viewings that most of our local cinema’s offer.

We have been to see a lot of films and my son absolutely loves it.

The main differences that make this an Autism Friendly Viewing are

  • The lights stay on, they do dip them but they don’t turn them off so you are not sat in the dark
  • The sounds stay low, its loud enough for you to hear it, but its not up to its normal levels.
  • Its more relaxed children can get up, walk about, and make sounds without worrying that they are disturbing people

All three of these things mean that I can take K and  he loves it

He can’t sit through a full film, he is up on his feet and walks up and down between the seats a bit of the time, he just stands and watches it for most of the time, he sometimes crouches down on the floor in front of his seat, he likes to hold the seat in front and jumps up and down when he is excited.

He doesn’t like to much noise, when I have taken him to see a normal viewing we have had to take ear defenders with us, at the autism viewings I don’t need to do this as I know it won’t be to loud for him.

With the lights still on he can see where he is and what is happening all around him and he doesn’t find the experience to intense or overwhelming.

These viewings happen very regularly at various cinema’s up and down the country, if you are interested in finding out more then you should check out the dimensions website which is always up to  date with the latest films and locations.

Tickets can be booked in the same way as usual but some cinema’s do offer discounted or free rates for carers so sometimes you are better paying on the  day than booking in advance.


So we went to a Birthday Party 2016-10-12

We don’t very often go to parties but it was my nephews 5th birthday party last weekend,  and I had promised my sister in law that we would go. Turns out that it was a good job that we were there, as between me and the mother in law we organised everything whilst the SIL who has had a small op and unable to stand for to long and the BIL looked after the children.

The party was soft play and bouncy castle, something that the boy normally loves to do but after a few minutes he had had enough and was asking for the ipad. Rather than upset him and cause problems I gave him it and he spent the rest of the party on the ipad.

We took a flask of milk for him to drink as he won’t drink juice and again its not worth the stress of trying to get him to have something.

He didn’t eat anything, I had warned my sister in law that it was likely that he would take himself off and that he wouldn’t necessarily eat anything, she was fine with this, and said that she was surprised at how well he had coped with everything, especially given how noisy all of the children where being. Noise can be a real issue for him.

So the outcome of the party was that my son didn’t interact with any of the other children, didn’t eat anything and came home and gave his party bag to his sister, but at least I was there to help out with it, I am not sure that they would have managed otherwise.

I think that it will be a while before we take him to another party.


The #mygeekbox kids

I ordered a one off subscription of the #mygeekbox kids direct from their website.

It arrived in a bright blue branded box, no way of being able to hide what is inside and caused much excitement in my house as my lad realised that it was for him.


Inside it was a variety of toys, all of which are things that my son identified with straight away, he knew what it all was and was happy to receive all of it.

SO…. what was inside it (I didn’t get a picture of him upboxing it or of them in their packaging, he was just to excited to cooperate with that)


Lots of little bits which came in much larger packaging, like all toys seem to do, a Yoshi pull back car, a Fin and Ghost Princess from Adventure time, a Iron Man soft toy, a transformers packet toy and a pokemon hat.

The boys favourite toy is the pull back car, my husband has taken Fin to stand next to his PC, the rest he likes but he isn’t as fussed with as the toy car.

Do I think it is value for money? Yes I think that what you get in the box is worth the money that you pay for it.

Would I get another one? Maybe, its not something that I would subscribe to to receive every month, I think that its expensive and that it needs to be a treat not just something that he receives regularly.

Below is a slideshow of badly taken pictures from the box.

If you are interested in getting yourself one of these boxes, they do adults, kids, boys and girls so lots to choose from their website is here

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Planning a day out

Why is it that before I have even started to think about where to go I am worrying, what will he be like what we get there? What if it is busy? What if he doesn’t like it? What if he has a meltdown? What about parking? Will he be safe?

One of K’s main problems is that he cannot speak, he can make lots of noise and he communicates with us in various ways, sounds, pointing, PECs etc etc

But he cannot speak, and if he got lost somewhere he wouldn’t be able to tell anyone who he was, who he was with, or anything which would help him to locate us again.

Top that off with the fact that he likes to explore, he is 6 after all, and like any 6 year old he likes to trot off and do his own things.

Trying to stroke a balance were we feel that he is safe and he feels like he has enough freedom can be tricky, it is a real concern that he might get lost.

There is also the paranoid thoughts that all parents of small kids have about him being taken, he wouldn’t be able to shout for help, he wouldn’t know how.

This causes such a large amount of anxiety for both myself and my husband, we have bought him a bracelet that he wears when we are out for the day that says that he has autism, we hope that if he wandered off and people where unsure that this would help whoever found him understand.

We know in reality that although awareness of autism is growing, it is not as out there as it should be, people who don’t have contact with it don’t understand it.

I just wish that we didn’t have to feel like this when we go out





Maxi Fun Club 2016-09-26

There is a local SEN group that I take my son to and its called Maxi Fun Club, on Saturday we went to their soft play session, we usually stay for food but K hasn’t been eating that well lately so I thought that we would give it a miss this week.


As usual he couldn’t wait to get there, we walk to the soft play session as we are lucky enough to live really close by, he ran most of the way there and then straight into the cafe. The normal routine is that I buy us a drink and then we walk down.


There were 2 bouncy castles today a really big one with a slide and this little one, he always stays on the little one when it is up and plays with the toys that are near it, the rest of the kids stay on the big one, he doesn’t like to play with the other kids he likes to do his own things.

Such as have a little spin on his own

He loves this session so much it is a shame that it is only on once a month.

The library 

I took the lad to the library after his swimming lesson today, I had forgotten how stressful it can be to take him there.

He loves books but he will generally only have one story which he repeats every night for months,  occasionally he will swap it and then we have the same story again for weeks on end.

He looked through the story books, I said just to get one as he gets confused of he has to much choice at home,  this might have added to the stress as there are so many to choose from.

He got a little grumpy,  had a little strop and then chose one we have had a few times before.

Not a problem, I let him have it, he must like it, he scanned his own ticket and checked it out himself.

I swear these little things send my anxiety through the roof,  we will be back next week though swapping it for another book.