Autism Friendly Performance of The Lion King… Book Tickets now

I saw this advertised in the latest version of the Autism Magazine that I get from NAS, I thought that I would share it, it is unlikely that this is something that we would be able to do due to the travelling but it might be useful for somebody



27th October, Launch Date NAS Campaign-Autism in the workplace @autism

Taken from the October Monthly Newsletter  from the National Autistic Society

We asked you what you wanted us to campaign on. Amongst autistic people and their families, employment came out as a key priority. So look out, because very soon – on 27 October – we will be launching the next phase of our award-winning Too Much Informationcampaign. This will be all about autism and the workplace.

We’ll need your support to help us influence the Government and employers to make sure more autistic people get the jobs they deserve.

We are excited to launch this new phase of the campaign with another powerful film. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter, or check out our website for more news about the campaign.

To Much Information Campaign, join the Thunderclap #nas #asd #support #tomuchinformation

Too Much Information logo with adult having a meltdown

I wanted you to be the first to know about the next phase of the campaign. This Thursday, TMI will focus on improving employment opportunities for people on the autism spectrum – and we need your help.

We’re launching with a powerful new film, designed to show the world how ‘too much information’ in an interview can make it near impossible for an autistic person to successfully showcase their talents. Can you help by sharing the film?

Watch a sneak preview and share the full film on Facebook or Twitter.

We know work isn’t right for all autistic people. We also know that most want to work, but feel shut out from the workplace, their abilities overlooked by employers.

We have to change that. Please support our campaign to tackle the ‘autism employment gap’ by joining our Thunderclap now.

A Mum Track Mind

Get your NAS Christmas Cards before they sell out @autism

The brand new range of Christmas cards from the National Autistic Society is now available to buy!

Whether you are tempted by the festive teddy or the Christmas convertible, there is bound to be a festive design for you. (I like the cute dog in the snow)

And don’t forget their  amazing competition-winning entries from autistic artists Leo and Ruth (Ruth designed our brilliant ‘Penguins’ card)! – How cute is this 😉

Christmas penguins

Check out the full range and get yours now by clicking the link below. Do me a favour and support the National Autistic Society this Christmas, I have already ordered mine x

Buy now >

Please complete the NAS survey @Autism

Tell us what matters to you with our autism survey

Have your say – take our autism survey

We want to make sure you and your family are getting the support you need. We’ve created a survey so you can tell us what matters to you.

We’ll ask you about topics such as:

  • what you’d like us to campaign on
  • what life is like for autistic people in the UK
  • the types of support that you’ve found/would find most helpful.

Our survey should take about 15 minutes to complete and it’s completely anonymous. We won’t ask for your name or address and there’s no way of identifying who gave which answers.

Please help us be the best charity we can be by taking the survey now. Thank you.

Do you know anyone else who might like to have their say? If so, please share our survey on social media or forward on this email.

Have you heard about @FamilyFund

Family Fund is a charity that offers small grants to families with disabled children, the sorts of things that you can get a grant for range from some equipment to help the disabled child, an iPad, a washing machine or even a much needed family holiday

We were lucky enough to be granted an ipad for our non verbal son nearly 2 years a go now, he has had so much use out of it and gained so much from having it we couldn’t be more grateful to them.

There is an application process to get the grant and details of this can be found on their website.

Family fund are keen to help as many families as they can and encourage anyone who is in need of their help to apply for a grant.