This Weeks Library Book… Pirates Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort


I have to confess this this weeks library book isn’t actually a library book at all. K was to poorly to go to the library this weekend so we chose one of the books that he has in his book box to write about instead.

We have a number of these ‘underpants’ books and K really likes all of them, he loves the stories and finds the pictures with everyone and everything in underpants, usually over the top of their clothes very amusing.


In this one, Pirates are looking for treasure (after all that is what pirates do) but it’s no ordinary treasure this is the ‘Pants of Gold’

The book rhymes, there is a short verse on each page, along with a fab picture, my son really enjoys looking at each picture in a lot of detail. He especially likes looking at them and seeing if he can spot characters from the other underpants books in the pictures.


The above picture includes a gold alien in with the pirates treasure, we can’t look at this page without him getting very excited and pointing this out to us.

This book takes about 10 minutes to read, longer if you take the time to look at all of the pictures in the level of detail that my son does. We have to read it like a pirate in an accent which can only be described as terrible, but this is of course optional.



This weeks Library Book.. The Black Cat by Allan Ahlberg and Andre Amstutz


This is a funny bones book and I was so pleased when my son chose it, I used to love reading these to my daughter so I knew full well what to expect.

He has seen the cartoon a couple of times but as it isn’t something that is normally on telly to him the format and the characters where quite new.

This is a short story the skeletons are going down the hill on the sledge, loosing legs and then going to the boneyard to find replacements, while a black cat watches on.


Its lovely and repetitive with some great pictures, it starts with one skeleton, then two, then two and the dog.

My son loves how repetitive it is and the rhythm to the story, it doesn’t really rhyme as such but there is a rhythm to the way that it is written that you can’t help but follow when you are reading.

This book takes about 10mins to read from start to finish and there are some really good opportunities to ask questions about the story and get that interaction going with your little one.

This Weeks Library Book – Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl by Michael Foreman


This week K chose ‘Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl’ by Michael Foreman from the library. I am not sure why he chose this one as the picture on the front isn’t something that would normally grab him but he was very keen to bring it home, so bring it home we did.

The story is about a boy called Joey who is a newspaper seller, he has his money stolen by some bullies and then Origami Girl appears out of his paper bag and they chase down the boys who stole the money to a warehouse full of baddies and robbers, they then capture the Big Boss and take him to the police station and everyone gets their stolen property back.


The story takes about 10-15minutes to read and the pictures inside the book are nicely drawn, my son particularly likes the origami girl as she sweeps out of the newspaper bag in this picture above.

The pictures allow for lots of discussion about what is happening and who everyone is, which is great for encouraging that young speech and inquisitive mind.


My son really enjoys this story and has asked for it every night since we brought it home from the library, he likes the colours in the pictures, and he likes the characters and he likes the story, especially at the end when Joey is in the front page of the paper for beating the baddies


This book is ideal for any child aged between 3-5, the language is nice and clear and easy for them to to follow and the story is just the right length to keep their attention.

This weeks Library Book… Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar


This weeks library book is Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar, and it took ages for my son to pick it out, some weeks his picks a book straight away others it takes him ages.

He likes the rabbit picture on the front and it was that that caught his eye.

The story is about a rabbit who loves reading so much he starts stealing books from peoples houses and a little boy, Arthur, who gets his big book of monsters taken. Ralfy gets caught by a policeman when he tries to steal one from his house and Arthur takes pity on him, they become friends and start going to the library together.


Its a lovely simple story, it takes about 15mins to read from front to back and it has some lovely illustrations with lots of opportunities for you to ask your little one questions and get some interaction going.

My son likes the police line up page where Ralfy ignores the snacks and then jumps all over the books when they come out.


I would recommend this book for a child of about 3 or 4 maybe a little older, its a simple story but its a nice one to read together before bedtime.


This weeks Library Book… Help by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton

This weeks library book is a new series that I will be writing looking at the books that my son chooses each week from the local library. We only ever get one book a week from the library as he gets overwhelmed at home when he has to much choice this means that at the most this will be one post a week.

This weeks is called ‘Help’ and is written by Sally Grindley and Peter Utton. This is a lift the flap book and my son chose it purely because of that fact, even at 6 he loves a lift the flap book.


As you can tell by the cover this book is a play on the three pigs/big bad wolf style fairy tales of old, there are some lovely illustrations through out the book. My son really liked the wolf, the teddy bear and the little mice in the corner. We made sure that as we read it the mice had suitably squeaky voices.


It also has just enough text, for me a good bedtime story should have enough text to last about 10-15 minutes and this is just about right for that.

My son likes this book a lot, he liked looking under the flaps and seeing what’s behind them, he particularly liked the last page where it tells you to quickly close the book to stop the big bad wolf getting back inside. He grabbed the book and slammed it shut at this point.


I really like this take on the 3 little pigs, its really clever, instead of following the story in the traditional way it tells a short and interactive tale of a group of pigs trying to catch the wolf to stop him doing anymore damage, there are the 3 houses (straw, wood and brick) and of course the wolf huffs and puffs and blow things down.

The wolf also hides in disguise and even though the picture makes him looks like the big bad wolf you would imagine him to be, he isn’t scary.

My son is 6 and he has ASD, he functions at the age of a 3 or 4 year old and this book in my opinion would be a perfect bedtime story for a child of that age, lots of giggles and chances to do silly voices, the sort of things that make bedtime story time fun.